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Ultimate All-in-One Soccer Socks


Ultimate All-in-One Soccer Socks

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The patent pending MediCaptain™ Ultimate is an All-in-One Soccer Sock created by soccer players for soccer players. With a built In Shin Guard, Anti-Slip Grip Technology, and Shock Protect Padding, you get everything you need all in one place.

With its proprietary design, the MediCaptain™ Ultimate Soccer Socks provide maximum coverage to multiple parts of the foot. It provides protection to the shins, sole of the feet, and the metatarsal region. Typically, a player will need to purchase 4-5 different pieces of equipment to achieve what the MediCaptain™ Ultimate provides.


  • BUILT IN SHIN GUARD : Unlike other soccer socks, the MediCaptain™ includes a Built In Shin Guard made of durable, honeycomb silicone. Provides great protection and a lightweight feel
  • ANTI SLIP GRIP TECHNOLOGY: Additional Anti-Slip Grip Sock Rubber beneath the sock, eliminating the need to purchase another grip sock for playing. Grips on the inside and outside of sock provide player with maximum anti slip prevention
  • METATARSAL SHOCK PAD: The sock includes a region of padding on the metatarsal bone area. This is a first of its kind solution to one of the most common soccer injuries. Reduce the fear of getting injured and play with more confidence
  • MAXIMUM VERSATILITY: This sock can be used in any sport which requires cleats and contact such as lacrosse, football, baseball, and rugby



Performance Revolution

All-in-One Soccer Sock

Introducing the pinnacle of sock innovation the MediCaptain™. Merging cutting-edge materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and countless hours of rigorous testing, this sock stands as a testament to innovation like never before.